Book Your Year-End Function Venue Before It Is Too Late

It is Time to Book Your Year-End Function Venue

It is that time of the year again and people are starting to clamour for venues for their Xmas functions. This means that it is high time that you get in there and book your year-end function before it is too late! Most of the popular venues are already booked full for December by the end of October, and if you want your year-end function to be a success, you need to find a venue that will suit your needs. Here, we provide you with some tips to take into consideration before you book your year-end function before it is too late.

  • Location, location, location: It is best to choose a venue for your year-end function that everyone can reach easily and comfortably. People who arrive by air or national road should be able to find the venue with ease, and this is why Gauteng is usually one of the most popular locations for year-end functions. Pretoria is also easy to reach, and is only a short drive away from both Gauteng-based international airports. The Monument Function centre is one of the most popular locations in Pretoria, because it is so convenient to reach for all guests attending a year-end function here.
  • Number of People: If you want to book your year-end function venue before it is too late, you need to know how many guests you are expecting. A venue that is too small can make guests feel cramped and hot, and a venue that is too large will seem cavernous and lose any kind of festive atmosphere. You need a venue that will exactly suit the number of guests you are expecting. Luckily, at the Monument Conference Centre in Pretoria, we have numerous rooms available, including our restaurant and tea garden, and we even host outdoor year-end functions for various numbers of people.
  • What Are You Going to Do at Your Year-End Function? Are you planning a formal sit-down dinner, or will it be a more informal atmosphere with dancing, eating, and drinks? You will have to know what your expectations of the event will be, before you book your year-end function venue. The venue has to be able to accommodate whatever activities or scenarios you have in mind, and décor can play a huge role. It is important that the venue you choose has contact with suppliers who can assist with various aspects of the event, such as flowers, décor, music, DJs, etc.
  • Catering: Obviously, no year-end function will be complete without great food. Whether you are planning a sit-down five-course meal, or a festive function with finger food platters, the food has to be outstanding. When you book your year-end function venue, you need to ensure that they are able to provide the catering, and also cater to different dietary needs, such as Halaal, Kosher, gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan. Because Monument Conference Centre is owned by Corne’s caterers, we have been in the food business for a long time, and are highly experienced at coming up with creative menus that will satisfy any taste or dietary need.
  • Atmosphere and Ambience: If you book your year-end function before it is too late, you will have a greater choice in terms of the look, atmosphere, and ambience of the event. If you want something that is located centrally, but in a truly spectacular place, choose Monument Function Centre.

This highly sought-after venue is located next to the Voortrekker Monument, and at night, the monument is lit up to create an even more impressive atmosphere. Below in the distance, the Pretoria nightlights are twinkling, and the surrounding nature reserve provides the perfect place for a most sophisticated and fun year-end function. If you choose to have your function during the day, the surrounding nature is stunning, and the monument looming in the background provides a beautiful view. During November and December, Pretoria is covered in the lilac blossoms of the Jacaranda trees, and carpets of purple can be seen throughout the city.

If you are keen to book your year-end function before it is too late, call Monument Function Centre. We are currently taking bookings for year-end functions, and if you are interested in a venue that is highly desirable, we are the people to call. Remember to book early for your year-end function while we still have space available, and before it is too late.
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