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Along with the financial decisions businesses are required to make on a daily basis, employees play a huge role in determining the success and failure of a business. Yes, it is true. Every successful entrepreneur appreciates the fact that business success is highly dependent on a strong, cohesive, motivated, and engaged workforce. In fact, studies show that when employees feel happy and motivated, they are far more productive, which betters sales, profits, and reduces sick leave.

Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to keep every employee in a constant state of high-productivity, which is why it is up to business owners to find ways to keep their employees consistently energised and motivated, and this can easily be achieved with team building.

A super powerful tool used by many small to large businesses looking to better their bottom line, team building is all about developing team morale and promoting better communication and relationships amongst employees and employers. But the trick to achieving success is all about the right venue.

Tips for Choosing the Best Team Building Venue

Today, team building venues are no longer restricted to gloomy auditoriums with an overhead projector. Modern businesses have the option of hosting their team building events at five-star restaurants, river bush camps, country lodge hideaways, and custom hi-tech convention centres that sport everything required to achieve a world-class event. As you can see, the venue you choose is going to be a big-ticket item that sets the tone of your message, so it is wise to get it right.

While this may seem obvious, location and accessibility of the venue is the key to providing employees with a positive experience. Think about the parking and alcohol factor, and consider that you may need to hire a shuttle service to lift employees. After location, decide on the type of venue you require. Many businesses enjoy an outdoor venue with a spectacular view where employees can take part in fun exercises and games. There are also businesses that prefer a quiet, more intimate venue, such as a boardroom where employees can discuss things in privacy and comfort. Restaurants are also quite popular for team building, as they provide a relaxed space where employees can be themselves, indulge in fine foods, and feel pampered and rewarded.

While there is certainly no shortage of top-quality venues in Pretoria, if you are a business looking to book a safe and conveniently located venue in Pretoria that can offer your employees a neutral space where they can relax and enjoy some quality time getting to know one another, then you need to book our venue at the Monument Function Centre.

We Are Pretoria’s Leading Function Centre with Beautiful Venues

Centrally located in the heart of the Voortrekker Monument Nature Reserve, we are Pretoria’s leading function centre with venues that have hosted hundreds of events, such as conferences, board and breakfast meetings, business dinners, conventions, fundraisers, galas, press conferences, product launches, seminars, team building events, and weddings.

Book the Proviand Tapas Bar or the Monument Restaurant

While the Monument Function Centre offers a choice of five stylish and sophisticated venues, the Proviand has shown to be a favourite for many local and national businesses. Admired for its style, vibe, live music, and entertainment, and its delicious fresh cuisine and craft beer, the Proviand is a venue where employees can let their guard down and get to know their co-workers in a relaxed space.

However, if you are looking to book a venue that is a little more intimate and quiet, then you will enjoy the Monument Restaurant. Possibly one of the best restaurants in Pretoria for corporate lunches and dinners, business meetings, and employee get-togethers, the Monument Restaurant presents a dynamic fusion of local and European flavours, and also comes with a stage, should you be considering a guest speaker. 

Go ahead and kick off the new season by booking an event that will get everyone inspired, motivated, and productive. When you book our venue, you are guaranteed a safe, central, and beautiful location; your choice of one of our many beautifully furnished venues; chef-prepared catering of the highest standards; and one of our event planning support staff to assist with your event from beginning to end.

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