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Book Your Next Conference Venue in Pretoria, Jacaranda City

When a company decides to book a conference venue in Pretoria, they’ve made a wise decision, particularly if they’ve booked with us, since we offer excellent facilities at one of the leading business and leisure function establishments in the city. It’s an art to be able to successfully provide both types of services, an art which we have perfected, ably assisted by our experienced conference co-ordinator.

We’re proud to note that many guests who have previously booked our conference venue in Pretoria return time and again and also reserve one of our facilities for an event, party, product launch or year-end function or vice versa, whether the famous Jacarandas are in bloom or not.

Benefits of Conferencing Away from the Office

Office meetings are excellent for discussion of day to day activities, internal issues or problems, staff matters and other aspects of business that mainly pertain to internal or branch functions. However, these gatherings are typically of shorter duration and thus less intensive or concentrated than those held during seminars or conferences.

When staff members take a nature or coffee break during in-office meetings, many rush off to make a quick call or check on something with which they were busy before commencement of the meeting. Some will make themselves available to customers or associates during breaks, causing them to over-run break time and re-enter the meeting late, creating an interruption. Busy people also tend to be preoccupied with their own responsibilities at the office; urgent matters may cause interruptions while the assembly is in session.

The best way to overcome all obstacles and issues which detract from the focus of a gathering is by holding it at a venue away from normal workday activities, at an establishment which allows delegates to isolate themselves from everyday responsibilities in order to concentrate on the agenda and business at hand. Under these conditions, it’s far easier for participants to move aside personal life issues too, since everyone is on common, neutral territory in a focussed environment, breaking familiar routine.

Perfect Personal Platform

Most organisations hold an annual conference, the perfect occasion at which to discuss the year’s progress to date, problems encountered, the status quo and the way ahead, new goals and challenges and how to achieve or meet them most effectively and efficiently. Proposed changes are normally unsettling, so a conference is the ideal environment in which to speak about the need for change, its management and how departments and the concern as a whole is expected to be affected.

Face-to-face meetings and discussions are always more effective and clear, giving a better understanding and knowledge of others and points of view which may differ, since there is more to effective communication than vocal or written language skills. Being able to put a face to a name and job function is invaluable for cohesion within an organisation, vital to get all role players on the same page.

Common Ground

Team building and sales training requires all delegates’ physical presence; it cannot take place and be successful in any way other than having warm bodies present. Additionally, a conference allows sharing of knowledge, experience and difficulties, which may prove to be common and not isolated to one person or region. Gatherings present a perfect platform for innovation and creative thinking; all delegates feel motivated to speak and express their own opinions, which might otherwise have been overlooked or unheard.

When delegates agree and reach consensus, they feel valued because they were part of the decision making process; this motivates them to buy in to a common goal and methods to achieve it, a recipe for maximum productivity.

Once you have the proposed dates, duration of the convention, number of delegates and a budget figure, contact us to book our conference venue in Pretoria and be assured of our best service every step of the way – just don’t leave it too late, because our establishment is popular, with good reason.

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