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The End of 2017

If you are looking to book a year-end function venue in Pretoria, Monument Function Centre is the place where you have access to several pristine venues that can play host a plethora of events, including your company’s year-end function. Around the end of the year, many companies are running around, trying to find an appropriate venue. Do not leave your year-end function venue’s booking for too late in the year, or you might find that they are all booked up and you have been too late. There is a couple of factors that determine the success of such an event, and getting the right venue, plays an important role. Other factors include catering, which can often be handled by these venues as well – and you get the complete package when booking an event with us at Monument Function Centre. Having enough room for all the people attending is also a major factor that contributes to the success of any event, and we have the perfect venues that can fulfil all your requirements.

The Amphi Hall

The Amphi Hall is a versatile venue that can be used for a wide range of different events, including matric dances, weddings, birthday parties, and anniversary parties. This is also a very good choice when you book a year-end function venue in Pretoria, because it offers ample space so that there is more than enough room for everyone attending your event. The Amphi Hall offers catering for every event too, and provides delicious food to meet the culinary needs of even the most discerning guests. You will also get professional service that will guarantee that your event goes smoothly and ends up a roaring success.

Situated at the Voortrekker Monument, you can bring culture and tradition into play when hosting your event, for a more polished and comfortable atmosphere. With a lot of safe and secure parking space available, you can enjoy the evening without worrying about the safety of your vehicle. A total of 3000 m² of event space is available, and can easily host up to 2000 people. If you plan to have an evening with your colleagues that they will remember for years to come, this is an ideal option when you book a year-end function venue in Pretoria.

The Blikkantien

For a much more traditional Afrikaner feel, the Blikkantien is an ideal venue for booking a year-end function in Pretoria as well. Situated in a lush garden at the bottom of the Voortrekker Monument, you will be surrounded by cultural landmarks holding significant historical value for many South Africans. Once you step inside the doors, you will immediately be transported to a simpler time, as this venue celebrates the traditional feel of a bygone world and delivers an appealing atmosphere for any event.

Suitable for just about any type of event, the Blikkantien can host up to 200 people and provides comfort and space to enjoy the evening. A tea garden, located just outside of the main hall, provides a blissful and tranquil environment for relaxing and gazing at the night sky in all its glory. Everything you need to pull off a successful event is available at the Blikkantien, including mouth-watering food and stylish décor. It will truly be a night that you will all remember. All that is left for you to do is decide which venue will be the best suited to your year-end function booking. If you expect to host a big event with more than 500 guests, the Amphi Hall is ideal. With enough parking and event space to cater for almost 2000 people, the choice is easy. If you are planning an event that has around 100 guests, the Blikkantien will offer a more intimate atmosphere, catering for a traditional and historic feel that would make you feel right at home with stunning food and time-appropriate décor that reminds one of a forgotten, past world.

For a wider selection of event venues in and around Pretoria, feel free to browse the rest of our website for all the details on these venues, and contact us directly if you want to make a booking. We can help you host one of the best year-end functions in Pretoria by giving you access to our amazing venues and the services accompanying them. Choose Monument Function Centre when you book your year-end function venue, and we will take care of everything you need.
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