Book a Wedding Venue in Pretoria

Need to Book a Wedding Venue in Pretoria?

Weddings can be extremely stressful occasions as it has to be a memorable day for everybody involved – for the right reasons rather than the wrong ones!  Organising a wedding can be painful and co-ordinating between various parties for food, location, furniture, decoration and many other components of the event can be very confusing and expensive.  Experts therefore recommend that you minimise your risks of things falling apart by doing the following:

  1. Organise the wedding at a venue that already has all the required furniture, caterers and everything else in place.  Organising various parties and co-ordinating between them may lead to a lot of frustration and if everything is already in one place, it usually works out not only a lot less stressful, but also cheaper, as furniture, chairs, food etc. do not need to be transported to the venue particularly for your function.
  2. Use a wedding planner to assist – trying to do everything yourself may result in other areas of your life being affected, such as your job or your family.  Getting someone else to take care of the details take a lot off your hands and allows you to pay attention to only the things that you find particularly important or pleasurable, such as choosing a dress or deciding where to have the honeymoon!
  3. Choose a place that offers variations according to the weather – if you want to get married outdoors, choose a location where the weather is great for most of the year. With this in mind, if you want to book a wedding venue in Pretoria, you will get the benefit of the moderate climate all year-round and the best venues, such as the Monument Restaurant and Function Centre offer facilities for indoor, as well as outdoor weddings.

Pretoria as a Location

Gauteng, and in particular Pretoria, has a lot to offer as the location for any event, as it is very accessible for guests coming from anywhere in the world.  A stone’s throw from a major international airport and one local airport, Pretoria combines natural beauty with convenience and superb shopping and cuisine.  For those wanting to book a wedding venue in Pretoria, the Monument Restaurant and Function Centre stands out as one of the prime locations, as it provides most of the components required for a great wedding in one place!

What is great about the Monument Restaurant and Function Centre?

  1. Our view: As we are located atop a high hill, we have spectacular views of the Voortrekker Monument, as well as the sweeping panorama of the city below.  It is particularly spectacular at night when the Monument is lit up and the city lights flicker below.  The Monument also lends a sense of gravitas to the occasion and the romance of the lights flickering below is irresistible.
  2. Natural beauty: Our function centre and restaurant are located in the wonderful nature reserve of the Voortrekker Monument and is therefore protected and well protected.  Wild indigenous buck graze in our gardens and the lush vegetation and green landscapes serve as a great backdrop to any event.
  3. Our restaurant:  Our magnificent De Kroon Kamer is situated amongst the trees and is a large, thatched palace that provides a sense of opulence and luxury for the wedding party and guests, who can gaze out over the magnificent views while being served the most delicious cuisine.  The restaurant can accommodate up to 180 guests, depending on the seating arrangements, and still remains spacious enough to provide a dance floor on which the bride and groom can do their first magical dance together as a married couple.
  4. Our Amfi Function Centre:  If you need to book a wedding venue in Pretoria for a large amount of guests, our palatial function centre can be transformed into a wedding dream world for you.  This venue is also used for various other events such as conferences, celebrations or glitzy gala events.  Here you will not only find a large venue that specialises in making their guests feel comfortable, but also a large venue that keeps a sense of intimacy intact throughout the proceedings.
  5. Our cuisine:  Our caterers have been in the business for more than twenty years and we understand the culinary landscape of many different functions and budgets.  We can provide a choice of many inventive menus and we also have the creativity to create an innovative custom made menu for your.  We are able to cater for all dietary requirements and can impart various themes into our cuisine while still maintaining the delicate balances of flavour between the ingredients in our dishes sourced locally in season.

There are many reasons that we consider our location as superior to many others and if you want to book a wedding venue in Pretoria we highly recommend that you give us a call.  We will ensure that you have a beautiful wedding day that you can look back at with fondness!

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