Beautiful Wedding Venue Gauteng

Every Bride’s Dream, a Beautiful Wedding Venue in Gauteng

Every bride wants to celebrate her special, big day at a beautiful wedding venue in Gauteng and elsewhere. A beautiful wedding venue is distinguished from the ordinary by several factors. First impressions are lasting, so the location, setting, buildings and surroundings are usually the first things that bride and groom observe and approve or disapprove of on arrival, when looking for their ideal wedding venue.

Brides, in particular, are likely to cast a constructively critical eye over everything they see, feel and hear. So keeping this in mind, it makes sense that we go out of our way to welcome them and attend to all their questions and queries; the location and setting of our exquisitely African wedding venue and chapel speaks for itself.

Our establishment

Clad in natural stone, our chapel is located in the centre of manicured gardens which are surrounded by the lush indigenous natural vegetation which is typical of the Pretoria region. With its high pitched thatch roof and wooden beams, arched portico and doorway, the clean white interior walls and broad arch which frames the pulpit and focuses on the bridal couple, this chapel is simply the perfect place to exchange sacred vows.

Since we are in Africa, we might as well celebrate it, which we do without being overly rough and rustic. All the finer details and touches combine beautifully with the typically African architecture of all our buildings, from chapel to function and wedding venues.

Décor and seating are high on the list of wedding reception prerequisites. The bridal party and particularly the bride have umpteen things requiring attention and organisation and the pre-wedding period may be very stressful for her.  To help her with arrangements, our professional event management team is there to consult, organise and put in place every detail of whatever the girl of the moment wishes to have on the big day, leaving her free to relax, look lovely and enjoy herself, knowing that all the details have been taken care of.

Catering and the menu selection are also major considerations, especially since every couple has its own preference, culture, style, budget and number of guests. With more than 25 years’ experience, we are ideally placed to provide delicious meals and refreshments and excellent personal service to provide a memorable experience for the couple and their loved ones and friends.

The Big Day

Having guests present when the bride and groom exchange vows has very old origins. Initially, guests were invited as witnesses to the fact that these two people were actually joined in matrimony. In olden times, a royal couple had various people in attendance on their wedding night in order to witness and ensure that the marriage was consummated, without which the marriage was illegal and null and void. The same applied at a royal birth, ensuring that the baby was really of noble birth and blood and that no swopping or skulduggery took place, since male heirs were preferred.

Fortunately, modern mankind has moved on; guests at a wedding reception are there to celebrate the union which the happy couple wishes to share with them because they’re valued. Traditionally, the bride’s father paid for everything except drinks, which were for the groom’s account.

Nowadays, however, this practice is falling into disuse and the couple is frequently financially responsible for everything themselves. Whatever the case, our wedding venues, all picturesquely surrounded by natural bushveld, are geared to provide all requirements from A – Z with style, taste and panache.

Whether you choose our Monument Restaurant, De Kroon Kamer or Amfi Function Centre to host your guests, we promise to make you special day as spectacular as you wish in every respect – location, décor, food and drink and a welcoming, festive ambience. Contact us for you perfectly beautiful wedding venue in Gauteng.

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