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Top Conference Venues in Pretoria

The Top Conference Venues in Pretoria All Under One Roof

Have you been tasked to plan and organise a conference in Pretoria within the next few months and are on the search for top venues that can impress your local and international delegates? From securing sponsorship to speakers and accommodation, you will have a full plate. While there are a few golden rules for planning any corporate event, the most important one is getting the venue right.

Voortrekker Monuments to Host Events

Choose Voortrekker Monument to Host Your Corporate and Private Events

Were you recently invited to a grand wedding in the lush garden at the foot of the Voortrekker Monument, or did you attend an impressive conference hosted at the Amphi Hall last month that blew you and your colleagues away? Or, maybe, you were just at the Voortrekker Monument to see and support some of the top musos at the Sublime Tribute Show. Whatever your reasons for reading this article, Voortrekker Monument events are always a huge success!

Private Function Venues in Pretoria

The Foremost Private Function Venues in Pretoria Ideal for Weddings and Corporate Events

Struggling to find that perfect venue with fantastic catering to match, to host a corporate event, or to celebrate a wedding, birthday, or career milestone? The most important aspect of any successful event is the venue. It is always the first step in the planning phase, because everything from catering options, décor decisions, and travel arrangements to the attendees’ experience all depend on your choice of venue. If you get the wrong venue, it can ruin the entire event. Sounds intimidating, right?

Function Venues Situated in Pretoria

The Top 5 Venues Situated in Pretoria That Are Ideal for Corporate and Private Functions

The year has flown by and with June closing in, now is the time to treat the ones who have been instrumental in taking your business to new heights: your employees and clients. Or, perhaps you have a milestone coming up, a very important anniversary, a large fundraiser, a conference, a convention, or a product launch? Whatever the event, private or corporate, if you are looking for event venues situated in Pretoria that can cater to your event, you cannot go wrong with the Monument Function Centre.

Corporate Team Building Venue Pretoria

A Corporate Team Building Venue in Pretoria That Includes a Shuttle, Catering, and Event Assistance

Decided to kick-start autumn off with a corporate team building event that will get your employees inspired, motivated, and productive? Did you know that over 85% of employees feel more satisfied with their jobs as a result of being recognised, and that one of the most common reason most employees leave their jobs is that they do not feel appreciated?

Book Our Team Building Venue

To Inspire, Motivate, and Boost Productivity, Book Our Team Building Venue

Along with the financial decisions businesses are required to make on a daily basis, employees play a huge role in determining the success and failure of a business. Yes, it is true. Every successful entrepreneur appreciates the fact that business success is highly dependent on a strong, cohesive, motivated, and engaged workforce. In fact, studies show that when employees feel happy and motivated, they are far more productive, which betters sales, profits, and reduces sick leave.

Venue for Conferences in Pretoria

Network and Achieve Sales Growth at a Leading Venue for Conferences in Pretoria

We are a few months into 2019 (can you believe it?), which means it is time to broadcast your message, build morale, launch a new product, debate relevant issues, or drum up some new innovative marketing and advertising ideas – and nothing does this better than a conference.

Conference Centre Hire Pretoria

Top Things to Consider When Looking for a Conference Centre to Hire in Pretoria

Planning a conference in Pretoria and are on the lookout to hire a venue that can cater to your local and international delegates? From securing sponsorship to choosing speakers, you probably have a lot going on. Possibly, the most vital task of all is choosing a venue to host your big event.

Corporate Team Building Venue in Pretoria

Invest in Your Employees at a Leading Upmarket Corporate Team Building Venue in Pretoria

If you are reading this article, then you have probably noticed a lack of concentration paired with snappy moods around the office. Every successful organisation understands that success begins with happy, motivated employees, and this is where team building comes to the rescue. Unfortunately, over the years, team building has earned quite a bad rap. So much so, that when the boss says: “We are going to do some team building”, most employees would rather spend their day watching paint dry.

Team Building Pretoria

A Team Building Venue in Pretoria That Can Add Value to Your Company

Looking to inject drive, knock down personality and cultural differences, eliminate rivalry, and ultimately teach your employees that they can trust each other and have fun together? As a business owner, there is nothing more rewarding than watching your business succeed. It is a new year, and with an economy that is slowly tanking, it is up to you to find ways in which to keep your employees engaged and motivated. Every successful organisation understands that success begins with motivated and happy employees. You see, your employees are more than just people who clock in at 8 am and leave at 5 pm each day. Your employees are your brand, and for this very reason, it is of vital importance to invest in them.

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