Beautiful Gauteng Wedding Venues

Romantic and Beautiful Wedding Venues

There is no argument that Gauteng and the surrounding areas have some beautiful wedding venues to choose from for your special day. Although these venues can be seen as a bit remote, people would prefer them to be just out of arm’s reach, to serve as an assurance that only invited guests attend their weddings and that the ceremony is a roaring success.

Pretoria Wedding Venues for 2018

Planning Your Wedding for 2018

It is the end of 2017 and yet another year has come and gone at lightning speed. If you were lucky enough to get engaged in 2017, you will be looking for proper wedding venues for 2018. In Pretoria and the surrounding areas, you are bound to find venues that are appealing and functional at the same time. Should you want the very best selection of wedding venues in and around Pretoria for 2018, Monument Function Centre is the ideal place for you.

Hire a Wedding Venue in Pretoria

Tying the Knot

One of the biggest commitments you can make in life is to marry someone, which is why your wedding should be special. Should you be in the position where you are engaged and looking to hire a stunning wedding venue in Pretoria, Monument Function Centre has the perfect venue for you – De Kroon Kamer. The name translates as The Crown Room, symbolising the stature and beauty of this specific venue by comparing it to royal standards. Should you want a wedding that is equal to the same standards, you have come to the right place.

Book a Function Venue in Pretoria

Pretoria Function Venues Simplified

  One of the most difficult aspects of organising any function is to find the perfect venue to cater for the event. Understandably, you would not host a local conference at a wedding destination, neither would you use a restaurant venue for a corporate launch. At Monument Function Centre, you can book the perfect venue for your function in and around Pretoria, with multiple options for various events, and accompanying services to ensure that your event is organised properly and runs without any major trouble.

Conference Venue Hire Pretoria

Beyond Conferencing

When it comes to conferencing, we see a trend that has grown in popularity over the years – from small and little-known gatherings to massive and open events – some of the biggest conferences take place in the gaming communities, with some of the most frequent events throughout the year. The academic world does not stand idle either, regularly hosting these types of events in major cities around the world. Usually, these events are catered to the amount of people expected to attend, and this is where Monument Function Centre can be of service regarding conference venue hire in and around Pretoria.

Beautiful Conference Venues in Pretoria

Conference Venues: Beauty and Functionality

  In life, it is a rare occurrence when something presents itself as both beautiful and functional at the same time. Usually, one would give room to the other and you would be left with a choice. When it comes to finding beautiful conference venues in Pretoria that are fully functional and accessible as well, Monument Function Centre has the answer for you: the Manschappen conference room provides glorious natural scenery to enjoy, while having the full functionality of a conference venue as a bonus.

Conference Venue Pretoria

Conferencing Basics

  When it comes to conferencing, there are certain aspects to keep in mind when planning such an event. Most conferences need specific planning to avoid certain scenarios, like not having enough food for all the people in attendance, or not enough conference rooms for the different speakers sharing time slots. Academic conferences have grown in popularity over the years, and people travel halfway across the world to attend them. Today, we will be looking at the basics of conferencing and how you can assure that your conference is a success.

Corporate Events Venue in Pretoria

Going Corporate

Corporate events have always been professional and formal, whether it is the launch of a brand-new car or the prizegiving event at a school. Since hundreds of these events are hosted throughout a year in Pretoria, Monument Function Centre can be of assistance with a proper corporate events venue for you to use next time you plan a formal, corporate event. Keeping in mind that professionalism is key to making these events successful, you need a venue that is within reach and is rented out with all the equipment you will be needing. Although it can prove difficult to find such a place, we at Monument Function Centre will always have a viable solution to any venue-related problem by delivering a selection of venues and assisting you in finding the perfect setting for your event.

Book a Year-End Function Venue in Pretoria

The End of 2017

If you are looking to book a year-end function venue in Pretoria, Monument Function Centre is the place where you have access to several pristine venues that can play host a plethora of events, including your company’s year-end function. Around the end of the year, many companies are running around, trying to find an appropriate venue. Do not leave your year-end function venue’s booking for too late in the year, or you might find that they are all booked up and you have been too late. There is a couple of factors that determine the success of such an event, and getting the right venue, plays an important role. Other factors include catering, which can often be handled by these venues as well – and you get the complete package when booking an event with us at Monument Function Centre. Having enough room for all the people attending is also a major factor that contributes to the success of any event, and we have the perfect venues that can fulfil all your requirements.

Pretoria Conference Facilities

Going International

With national and international conferences growing in popularity on a yearly basis, people all around the world take the time out of their busy schedules to attend these events, with some of them travelling halfway across the world and enjoying the full experience of it all. Academic conferences are probably the most common, and usually offer a package deal, including accommodation, food, and tours outside the event, to showcase the country and area.