All-purpose Conference Venue in Pretoria

One Solution for an All-Purpose Pretoria Venue Don’t ever be mistaken by thinking that all conference venues in Pretoria are only utilised for business meetings and seminars; most of our establishments are multi- or all-purpose, be it as a location for parties, special celebrations, product launches, entertainment or performances, events and functions.   In other words, we’re able to configure our venues to suit your individual requirements, irrespective of their nature or purpose. From your perspective, it makes a lot of sense to host your conference or function at a purpose built establishment, rather than at home base or business premises.   The Advantages of Utilising an All-purpose Venue  
  • Our competent, experienced co-ordinator/s will assist you every step of the way, beginning with the planning of your event. You’re not on your own, which is of particular importance if you’re new to organising gatherings for large numbers of guests or delegates. Remember that the essential fundamental aspect of every great and successful function begins with effective, thorough and detailed planning.
  • You use premises which belong to someone else, who is responsible for ensuring that it’s available, clean, neat and tidy and prepared in time for your do, on the correct date.
  • Likewise, once the event is concluded, the venue’s personnel clear away everything which you and your guests used, while they restore the premises to its original state.
  • Typically, conference centres own and supply the paraphernalia needed for the business at hand.
  • In the case of a business meeting, we see to and supply all the required conference equipment (in good working order), suitable seating according to specified configuration, refreshments, snacks and meals during breaks (in accordance with and within the time frame stipulated in your agenda), security and safe parking for delegates and their vehicles, and overnight accommodation if or when required.
  • If you’re hosting a festive do, it’s equally convenient to have whatever you and your guests need already on site; there’s no need for you to panic about having goods delivered on time, in the correct quantity and without breakages.
  • Your vendor, ideally Monument Function Centre, executes your chosen layout in accordance with your space planning and provides all crockery, glassware, cutlery, tables, appointments and decor, seating, dance floor and bar service (if required), menu selection and meals, waiters, ample, secure and safe parking.
  • Because Monument Function Centre operates a number of establishments in Pretoria (and one in Hartbeespoort), we’re able to offer a variety of venues to our valued clients, from relatively small and intimate to very large, able to accommodate large numbers of guests.
  • We have the experience and expertise to ensure that your function runs smoothly, according to your requirements.
  • Catering for large numbers of people is daunting if you’re inexperienced. However, doing so successfully is an integral part of our business and we’ve been doing so for years, much to the delight of diners.
  • Our Hartbeespoort all-purpose conference venue incorporates a hotel, is set on the edge of the Hartbeespoort Dam at the foot of the Magaliesberg Mountains, not very far from Pretoria. Here, we provide accommodation for delegates and guests who need or choose to stay overnight or longer.
  • Homes or business premises are generally too small to accommodate larger numbers of guests.
  • If you hire a hall for your do, you still have to pay for it, in addition to everything accommodated within it. You’re also responsible for all the logistics, of which there are many.
  • It’s evident that the advantages of using one of our venues for events far outweigh everything to the contrary, so there’s really no question about the best course of action in order to ensure a successful conference or function.
  Your Selection   We suggest that you consult our user-friendly website or contact us for detailed information about our all-purpose conference venues in Pretoria, and we’ll gladly advise you which of the following best meets your needs:  
  • Amphi Hall – seats up to 2 500 persons
  • De Kroon Kamer – more intimate, for gatherings of 10 – 120/150 people
  • Manschappen – definitely all purpose
  • Blikkantien – accommodates up to 200 delegates or guests
  • Monument Restaurant – the emphasis is on excellent dining
  • Villa Paradiso – our Hartbeespoort 4-star country manor style hotel/conference and wedding venue, which is also eminently suitable for any function or event, as well as providing accommodation in 60 double room units
    You really don’t have to spend unnecessary time and effort on finding a tailor made venue for your next gathering. You’re sure to find exactly the right one in our selection, irrespective of your function’s purpose.
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