Affordable Wedding Venues in Gauteng

Tips on Looking for Affordable Wedding Venues in Gauteng

A wedding is a special for everybody involved, but most of all for the bride and groom.  It is important that the day is well-planned and that everything falls into place and goes according to plan.  The wedding venue is a crucial part of the wedding, as it can make or break the ambience of the day and affect the wedding experience in many ways.  How you choose your venue is vital, so before you start looking for affordable wedding venues in Gauteng, here are some things that you may want to consider first!

How Big is the Wedding, How Many Guests, How Mobile are these Guests?

It is important to find a venue that can deal with your idea of your wedding.  If you have a large wedding in mind with a lot of decoration and perhaps even a theme, it is important that the venue will be able to handle the amount of guests and preparations.  The day is not only about the bride and groom, but also about the experience of the guests, who also want to enjoy the day and have a good time.  The most affordable wedding venues in Gauteng may not be able to provide for very spectacular wedding needs, and it is important that all of the venues are visited and thoroughly assessed before making a decision.

You also have to think about how mobile your guests are, and what the restrictions may be.  For instance, if your best friends have small children, it may not be suitable to choose a venue that poses risks to children, such as large balconies or places where children can end up in the water.  If any of the guests are old or in need of a wheelchair, disabled facilities are crucial to ensure the comfort of these guests as well.  Also take the preparations into consideration and determine whether or not there will be any events at the venue for a couple of days before the wedding – if preparations and decorations will take long, it is best to have exclusive access to the venue for a couple of days beforehand.

How Accessible is the Venue?

It is important that all your guests can reach the venue without much hassle.  Gauteng is a great place to have a wedding, as it gives easy access to most guests through the vast network of national roads, railway facilities and airports.  The area also provides a wide range of accommodation for just about any taste, and affordable wedding venues in Gauteng do often provide accommodation for a number of guests as well.

Pretoria is an amazingly beautiful city and the romance of the lilac Jacarandas in full bloom cannot easily be trumped, making it an amazing location for romantic weddings.  Our Monument Function Centre and Restaurant is located here on a hilltop with the majestic Voortrekker Monument and sparkling city lights below as a backdrop, and comes highly recommended by various satisfied wedding parties.  It is also extremely accessible, with a variety of accommodation nearby to suit every need.  Should the bride and groom choose to jet off to a foreign destination for their honeymoon, the O. R. Tambo International Airport is just 30 minutes away!

How much Organisation or Work are you Willing to Take on?

It may be difficult with work schedules and other responsibilities to find time to organise the whole wedding.  It may be better to find a wedding venue that provides its own banqueting manager or wedding planner.  An experienced catering team is also a big plus.  Often, it is better to choose a venue that can organise the entire event with only marginal input from the bride or groom, and this also takes a lot of stress out of the occasion.  If the venue does not have an in-house planner, a wedding planner can be contracted who has previously organised weddings at your chosen venue before.  This ensures that they know the limitations and potential of the place, and familiarity with the staff and catering team will ensure that things run more smoothly.

If you are looking for beautiful, functional yet affordable wedding venues in Gauteng, we recommend that you visit us, at our Monument Function Centre.  We have ample experience with weddings, and our experienced catering team provides delicious food for any event.  We also welcome external wedding planners to help arrange your day and make it stress free and spectacular.  Contact our team to organise a site visit today, and we can help turn your dream wedding into a reality!

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