Affordable Conference Venues Pretoria

Understanding Affordable Conference Venues in Pretoria

Any establishment may claim to be one of the affordable conference venues in Pretoria because the word “affordable” is sometimes misused or means different things to different people. One person’s affordable may be another’s cheap and nasty, or yet another’s pretty pricey; it’s all relative.

Companies with a clear understanding of business and business practice understand that affordable conference venues in Pretoria or elsewhere cannot offer their services for ridiculously low prices, since they are also in business, entitled to a reasonable profit, without which they would fold and fail. In such a scenario, prior to closing doors, the guests and delegates wouldn’t receive essential conference services and facilities which are up to scratch, because there’d be insufficient funds to provide them.

“Affordable” should be understood as a fair price for services or goods, depending on what is required – essential, nice to have or luxurious. It’s a term implying value for money; the key lies in value, a concept close to our hearts, since we’ve built our reputation on excellent value for outstanding service and facilities.


Packages we offer are known to present good value, whether half, full day or fully inclusive, allowing our clients flexible options to best suit their requirements and budgets. Our flexible approach also allows us to tailor make your conference in various ways at one of our 6 conference rooms that form part of our function portfolio.

Our specialised, welcoming conference co-ordinator has a wealth of experience and an eye for detail to assist clients in ensuring that all their requirements are met, ready and timely, making certain that the business’s agenda flows smoothly without unnecessary stress and malfunctioning or missing equipment.

Once we know what you want, what your available budget allows, your proposed dates and number of delegates, we attend to everything. Trained venue staff members are friendly, professional and committed to superior, discreet customer service, enabling guests to focus on their business without having to lift a finger.

More than 25 years’ catering experience ensures that our freshly made meals, refreshments and snacks are deliciously prepared and attractively presented. Special dietary requirements can be accommodated, by prior arrangement.


Main function centres are located within a nature reserve just below the Voortrekker Monument, on the slopes of the hill that offers astounding night time vistas of the city’s twinkling lights towards the horizon.
Relax with a beverage in our manicured gardens which border on the reserve’s natural bush and vegetation, and experience the best of both worlds – modern comforts in the midst of rustic Africa.


If you’ve never experienced Pretoria, you’re in for a treat. The climate is generally mild, although it can become very hot during the day in summertime. The city’s gardens are glorious, richly invested with sub-tropical plants and vegetation, which thrive in the ambient conditions. Each year, during September and October, Jacaranda trees are in full bloom, festooned with light purple flowers which carpet the pavements when they begin to drop or after a rainstorm. Jacaranda trees feature extensively along the sides of roads and streets, particularly in older suburbs. From the air, it appears as though the city is stitched together with seams of purple, the reason for its other name, the Jacaranda City.

Pretoria offers everything from state of the art, world class shopping malls, theatres, higher learning institutions, monuments, museums and heritage sites, art galleries, fine dining restaurants and informal eateries galore, sports, entertainment and loads of leisure and adventure activities for adrenalin junkies.

Despite its rich history, the city is growing rapidly and new suburbs are periodically being established, a testament to its popularity. Pretoria is centrally situated in the Gauteng province and surrounded by a network of very good highways, feeding in from all directions, making both the city and our excellent, affordable conference venue on the outskirts of Pretoria a pleasure to access, with classy convenience.

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