Affordable Conference Venues in Pretoria

Looking for Affordable Conference Venues in Pretoria? Choose Monument Function Centre

Planning and organising a conference can be a huge job, especially if the delegates are supposed to arrive from a wide variety of locations. Pretoria and Johannesburg have featured prominently in the world-wide conference industry over the last two decades because of the high standards of accommodation, conference facilities, extra activities, and natural splendour. The weather is also ambient in the highveld year-round, which means that conference delegates will be able to enjoy the outdoors at any time of year. Africa itself also has a mystical attraction to foreign delegates, and choosing affordable conference venues in Pretoria can go a long way towards securing a very successful conference.

While finding affordable conference venues in Pretoria and Johannesburg can be quite difficult, it is well worth doing some thorough research. Some companies choose to employ the use of external, locally based events organisers in order to ensure that they have someone who can ensure that everything happens according to plan. One of the most affordable conference venues in Pretoria or Johannesburg that features on the books of most professional conference or events organisers is Monument Function Centre. The reason for this is not only because it is affordable, but because it provides so much more than just value for money.

The Monument Function Centre in Pretoria is based just to the side of the highly visible and historic Voortrekker Monument. This is one of the most prominent South African museums, and has enormous historical value. In addition to this, it is an incredibly beautiful and well-designed building in this area. It was opened in 1949 in order to commemorate the pioneers (called Voortrekkers), who moved from the Cape inland towards the Pretoria area in order to find new pastures and new commerce opportunities.

The hardships they endured include scaling and crossing mountain ranges, fording large rivers, and battling wildlife and predators on their journey, and there was often conflict with indigenous tribes. These families of mostly Dutch and French Huguenots endured this long trip with only ox wagons and tradition. Their trials and tribulations are documented on the walls of the magnificent Voortrekker Museum. There is also a Hall of Heroes, which showcases the most prominent and courageous figures throughout this grand journey (or the Great Trek, as it was called). The Voortrekker Museum still remains one of the most popular museums in the country, and is a national heritage site.

At the Monument Function Centre, we are proud to be based next to this historic landmark. It is lit up at night, stands out on a koppie (hill), and is hard to ignore. The gravitas of the monument is matched only by the romance of the beauty that surrounds it, and at night, the lights of the city of Pretoria is visible from our premises. We are located inside a nature park, where indigenous fauna and flora are preserved, and the African sunsets throw a wonderful glow over our premises, which makes us one of the most desirable and affordable conference venues in Pretoria, and even Gauteng as a whole.

We specialise in conference packages and other events, and we bring great value to any event that we host. Because the Monument Function Centre is owned by a catering company, it goes without saying that one of the main attractions of our conference venue is the delectable cuisine on offer. When you choose us as one of your most affordable conference venues in Pretoria, you will realise very soon that the value does not only lie in the environment and surroundings, but also in the cuisine, service, and hospitality.

It is also deeply anchored in South African heritage, and anybody who is even vaguely interested in history and heritage will be fascinated by our function rooms, which are housed in the Fort Schanskop Museum, where various historic artefacts, stories, and items can be viewed. Here you will truly have your brainstorming session amongst some of the greatest historical finds in local history.

If you have your heart set on an affordable conference venue in Pretoria, give our hospitality team a call, and we will be more than happy to provide you with service and a conference packages that match you budget.
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